We Snuck Into IKEA to Get Marketing Content

While this may not have been the most daring of covert missions, I will just come out and reveal that I was terrified.

I was certain that we would be caught and interrogated. I pictured May and I being strapped down to a couple of JÄRVSTAs and beaten with GRUNKAs by a pack of Swedish furniture enthusiasts in yellow shirts.

May on the other hand was calm. A little too calm. Had she done this before? Who was she really? How well can you know a person? These are questions for a later blog...

Marketing is expensive. As a start-up food company, it is important for us to maintain social media accounts with frequent posts of our bread (and now cookies!). Taking a variety of interesting pictures is difficult on a budget so it only made sense for us to sneak into Ikea with a few of our BreadBoxes and have their plethora of immaculately curated kitchens do the work for us.

At this point, our lawyers want me to point out that by "sneaking into IKEA", I actually mean we visited during their store hours and politely walked around so as to not disturb the other customers.

So we snuck around Ikea moving stealthily from kitchen to kitchen. When the coast was clear and nobody was looking, I took out our boxes and May took the photos. We moved quickly, stopping only every 30 seconds to shop for things that we definitely didn't need for our own home.

Thankfully, my fears of interrogation never materialized as we made it out unspotted. My fears regarding May's mysterious past however still remain.

Pro Tip: When you run a start-up, you need to get creative. We don't have a giant corporate budget for marketing, but we also want to make sure that the pictures we put out have a variety of surfaces, plates, backgrounds, etc. So here is a tip for any entrepreneurs or food bloggers out there. Ikea has a section that sells returned or mismatched items including random shelves and tabletops. These are great for photos and cost much less than buying the entire table!

- Arthur


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